Who may attend?

Classes are open to all adults of Oroville and neighboring communities. Oroville residency is not required. Concurrent High School Students: Several classes offered by Adult Education can be attended by an eligible concurrent Oroville Union High School District student if space allows. Priority is given to adult students. Registration at OAE requires a prior conference with the student, his/her current high school counselor/administrator and a parent/guardian. Student must bring in a completed Concurrent Enrollment Form and a copy of their current transcript at the time of registration. Concurrent students must meet OAE’s requirements for enrolling. High School students are allowed to enroll in up to two classes and can earn five credits per class. Students must attend all classes; those who miss more than one class may be dropped from the course.

Class Cancellations/Refunds
Oroville Adult Education reserves the right to discontinue, shorten, postpone, combine classes, and/or change instructors. Choose your classes carefully. Refunds will only be made when a class is cancelled due to low enrollment. (Please be careful with textbooks as we cannot refund a used book. If a book is accompanied by software, the book will be considered used if the seal is broken.) Sorry, no other refunds or transfer of fees will be issued for any reason. If a single class session must be cancelled at the last minute due to instructor illness. An attempt by the front office to notify you of this change will also be provided. Those not having access to the internet may call the office for current class information.


Classroom Locations
See ‘Locations‘ Page or location links in ‘Course Catalog

Credits earned apply to OUHSD diploma requirements and may or may not be transferable to other agencies.

View current classes on our website http://www.orovilleadulted.com/

Book Purchases
Textbooks can be purchased at the registration office. Adult Education does not repurchase used books.

Children in class
Children are not permitted in Adult Education classes. Students must make off-campus child care arrangements.

Public Invitation
Oroville Adult Education is here for you. We welcome your input for the improvement of current courses and the creation of new courses. If you have an idea for a course you would like to take (or teach), please call the school and let us know.