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Reversing Diabetes

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This 8-week course, taught by Lucia Tiffany, MPH, RN, CLC, will teach you simple basic lifestyle choices that are scientifically proven to reverse most type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes immediately without outrageous cost, without drugs, and without surgery. Dramatically improve your health with a healthy lifestyle! Most diabetics spend an average of $900 out-of-pocket each month for medications, doctor visits and medical care expenses. This class will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to decrease those expenses, save money and reverse your condition.

BOOKS/MATERIALS: An additional fee of $60 will be collected on the first day of class. This fee includes: A high quality, glossy, full-color journal/workbook that follows the curriculum; a DVD, and a Cookbook with lots of delicious and healthy recipes to help you reverse diabetes.